Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!

I would like to take a moment to go over our 2010 adventures...
Dad took a class to learn how to race in his little miata

 I had my last concert and lettered in orchestra...finally!

Josh and his boy scout friends do a service project for one of our niegboors

Josh also got his carpenters merit badge by making an organ bench

Making Easter Eggs
We also had a gorgeous, green, and plentiful sping

Eva fell in love with the park and slides

Josh had his first back packing trip with dad

The land of enchantment sunsets were a regular this always

This one speaks for itself

The annual, international balloon fiesta

Deann became to play with

And last but not least, mom and dad's vacation to sunny Hawaii

Monday, December 20, 2010

Joshie squashie

And now for a page about Josh. 
He came like a millenium ago.  And since it was so long ago he has been forced to enter into that terribly frightening phase of young life...teenager. 
However before he became the creature that strikes feer into the hearts of every parent he was a little boy with a tripod that he thought was a camera.  Ah, sweet innocence.
We used to be friends...oh ya we are still.  No worries
Once upon a time he was a young child who enjoyed taking baths.  The boy was even exited to use...SOAP!.  Now he is older and regretfully dirtier.  He doesn't like baths...or soap as much any more.
This is in the winter about the time of his baptism.  I guess he should be exited about that.
Here we are being friends again.  Pretend I'm not there...please!
This is on Josh's actual baptism day.  Yup young and clean and innocent...What happend?
Needless to say he likes big fancy cars.  This is a Laborgini.  cool
While in the gifted class he had to do a project about the wright brothers.  He had to be in costume so here is is as...Wilber Wright?
Sadly he went through a bad time he had this idea that he was captain underpants. 
Apperently this is what he would look like if he was a nerd.  (note that I kindly used the word WAS in that sentence)
He thinks he is from Russia
Josh was a very talented piano player.  He had to stop taking lessons unfortunately but at recitles he could knock their socks off.
This is how he releases the stress of the day.

 Josh woke up one day and found he had some curious diseas.  He had sprouted odd steal appendages. 
And now we reach the end of our pictures.  Josh is in band and plays trumpet very well.  He is also a second class in Scouts and advancing very fast.  If he were to continue at his present rate he could get his eagle by the time he turns fifteen.  Josh is also very good with carpentery.  He has made a knife of his own and has made a bench for our organ.  All and all were very thankful to have the thirteen year old blonde around.  He brings plenty of jokes, loud music, and a huge appetite to our home.