Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My one burst of vanity

     Any readers of my blog or facebook friends would know that I hate pictures of myself so...this one time, I am going to post some but this means no one is allowed to bother me about it for at least five years.


So after I took all those pictures with my long hair, I chopped it short to donate.  This is for you Suzette and Shalana.

September beginnings

           It would seem the pictures for the rest of my summer adventures are missing but I assure you it was a fantastic summer, except for the regular anxiety attacks (college).
So now, I'm a full time student at the University of New Mexico, a legal adult, and still as obnoxious and annoying as I can possibly be.
What pictures I do have are of my cousin's recent wedding.
While we were waiting for Rachel and Justin to come out of the temple we got in a line of people waitng and assumed the random people we didn't know were Justin's family.  WRONG!! They were for these two.  Congratulaitons but next time how about a label or a sign or some balloons so we don't hang around like wierdos.

When the right couple finally came out there were of course lots of kisses to which Eva gasped, horrified and wondered why they were kissing on the mouth.  Sandalous!

Look it's my arm!! Can you see it on the right?  That's not why I put in this pic.  Isn't Maria's dress georgeous!  I know it's hard to see but trust me it is.
Fear me and my practiced eye of scrutiny!!! Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Please someone explain it to me because seriously I don't get it.

They can have them as far as I'm concerned.  They practically adopted them.

There were some aspiring young gymnasts there as well.  One of them showed great potential but the other spent all her time posing for pictures.

No, no your supposed to smile

You too!

Honestly the men in this family.  Wake up dad it's almost over (actually it was no where close to being over)