Tuesday, August 21, 2012

     Some people say that New Mexico is one of the most diverse areas in the United States.  Statistically this is correct and the diversity continues to grow.  This grows increasingly evident hear at UNM, but I'm not just talking about race.  Only at a university like this one can you sit in class with a thirteen year old genius on your right and a sixty year old man on oxygen to your left.  And only at UNM do you see entire families walking together on campus, all trying to better themselves and each other, or an old retired couple taking a couple of simple courses together as a kind of date.  I'm not saying that coming here is what I want to do when I'm old and decrepit but it's amazing that UNM allows this to happen.  So University of New Mexico, I give you kudos, snaps, applause, a few high-fives, and a revered bow.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Summer Fun part 1

          What can I say?  A lot can happen in a year, especially 17 to 18.  I graduated high school top twenty but for New Mexico that's nothing to put on airs about.  I got into the University of New Mexico, did some traveling, enjoyed my first homework free somer since freshmen year (High School).  Oh the stories I have.  I'll start with my first road trip to Provo, Utah and the infamous "Y".

During the first week of July I went with my uncle to drive my cousin to EFY at BYU.  We got there a day early and rue the day.  We stayed with my uncle's foster sister, Sister Jensen.  She and her husband teach and the Y, Bro. Jensen permanently.  Unfortunately for me Bro. Jensen is the International Law professor which, in case one of you didn't ask me over the summer, is the profession I want to go into.  So, for three days I listened to a family of five-ish lecture me about what's so great about BYU.  I'm proud to say I ignored it all and made fun of the cliche's with great delight.  On Sunday, we took a tour of the campus and may I just say, that campus has more stairs that is strictly necessary.  However, I have thighs if steel...now. 

Needless to say, we spent most of our time by the law school, and yes I still know where it is.  It's over the bridge, in case you didn't know. 

For dessert, we had BYU creamery ice cream.  Pretty good stuff.  Monday was the drop off day for EFY but my lil'cous didn't have to be registered until eleven so we spent the morning wandering around and counting cliches.  Oh, did I have fun.  Of course most of it had to do with the assumption that students can't last two years at that school without acquiring a spouse.  I believe that is true (I look forward to your angry comments)  I counted well over 100 engagement rings (being worn), 0 full bridal magazine kiosks, and a good 30 proposal spots.  My greatest disappointment was (and I say this a lot) was that there wasn't an engagement ring shop or bridal boutique in the BYU bookstore.  There was, however, a place to buy rings across the street and a bridal boutique two or three blocks away.  Go cougars. 

The rest of the day was spent making fun of the resident sulky teenager, Rider (that's his real name), spending large amounts of money in Deseret Bookstores and such, (not on rings or wedding dresses) eating ice cream, and hanging around the MTC.  No I didn't get in trouble for being there but we let the little missionaries practice their discussions on us.  Most of them did pretty good. 

In all seriousness, I had a lot of fun and I think the Y is a great school.  I may end up there but even if I do I shall always have a lot of fun trashing my BYU trash can.