Monday, August 15, 2011

Tragedy or Blessing?

Sunday morning at around 7:05 in the morning a large pickup truck ramed my dad's little Miata into my bedroom wall. 
I had just woken up and was getting out of bed when I heard tires squealing close to our house.  I thought it was some bar drunk trying to get home after a night of partying...such a thing is normal here.  A few seconds later I herd sqealing tires again and a crash right outside my window.  I will never ever forget the sound of crunching metal, or how slow that half a second went.  I was so sure that I would see a car come crashing through my wall and into my room.
  Fear was the understatement of the sentury at that moment.
  I ran outside and the first thing I saw was my neighboors running outside and my accross the street neighboor zooming away in his car shouting "Look!"
I looked and this is what I saw but from the other side.  I didn't know whether to scream or pass out so I screamed once and then cried for a while.

So here's the low down.  It is believed that some people stole a large pickup truck and being exited by the horse power or whatever went around the N.E. area of the city, speeding, off-roading, and smashing the occasional car.  An old couple down the street had their old ford pickup smashed just before the bad guys drove down the street toward our house.  I suppose they spotted our car and the temptation was too great, so the reved the engine and smashed into the back of dad's little black car...intentionally. 

Our across the street neighboor saw it happen and tried to chase after the truck and get a liscence plate number.  Unfortunately he wasn't able to find it. 
The police said that there were a few other cars around the city that had been ramed by a large pickup truck but no one had been able to get a good enough I.D. on the car or the drivers to make any attempt and finding it. 

Thankfully dad's car is low enough that the nose only went under the window seat.  The only damage to the house was torn siding.  While dad's car is probably totaled I can't help but be thankful that it was there because if it wasn't the truck would have gone through my bedroom wall and probably have injured my sisters and I.