Tuesday, February 1, 2011


okay I've finally gotten around to doing a new post...sorry it took so long.
of course it is Alex's turn to be recognized
Alex came to us almost ten years ago as the third child of the Luke family

He has always been happy

and thoughtful

Admittedly his hair does have a mind of its own...best not to get too close...ever

Dancing is another one of his strong points

At around three he showed the world that he was a ladies man...what with his hot sports car, heavenly looks, and charming demeanor who could resist?

He has always striven to live up to the name of Luke

One day I got tired of him

One of his greater adventures was appendicitis but rest assured he's fine

This is how we knew something was wrong...the swelling was just awful

The sores on his feet are not the plague I promise.  That is a result from going to fast on our go cart

Not only did his abdomen swell but his head suddenly was full of hot air

I can't tell it he was happy to have a new sister or if that face shows mischief blossoming from the fact that he was no longer the yougest...hmmmmmmmmmm


He is going to be in sooooooooo much trouble for this!

DOG PILE!!!!!!!!

Recently he has shown an interest in acrobatics

And here he is a spunky nine year old.
Now Alex is working on his Bear in cub scouts and working hard in third grade.  Hooray for Alex!!!