Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A page for my mommy

Mom has had the opportunity to go on some world wide adventures.  The first one is Korea.

This is a temple.  Kind of cool right.  Maybe we could design an LDS temple like that.

These are my dad's favorite flower

That's a crane.

That would be my mom...walking...alone...DAD get over their.

A tomb.  The egyptians had some real competition ya?

Is not the architecture simply...cramped?

Along with some amazing adventures including Hawaii several times, Mom also went to New Zealand and Tahiti but the camera only went to Tahiti.

These are the cheap pearls...ha ha ha...since they are mishapen they are all in one speacial box and they are a lot less expensive then the pearls that are perfect spheres.  Personally I think their cool just because their unique.  Try and find the one that looks like a bullet.
Mom is playing with houses...literally

Just turn your head a little sorry about that.

The water is very clear.  You can see fish scores of feet down.

Yes I must confess, the world is sideways in Tahiti.
Coolest flowers ever

Needless to say, the teple needed some construction.  I mean, it's the leaning tower of pizza to the extreme.
Mom was gone for her birthday so those are birthday eclares.

As you can see it was a dream vacation.  Mom has said that she would gladlymove there tomarrow if she could and if she spoke French.  The next great adventure was a trip to the outer banks in Virginia.

Ford's theater
a gun...It is the gun that killed Abraham Lincon.  All give it a cold hard stare.
I think this is the coolest plane ever.  Not only is it flat and black but it as an emergency spear on the front.  Perfect for any situation.
Ohmigosh is that a beard i see?
Look familiar.  If you cant figure out what this building's twin is and you've been through at least two years of high school then shame on you. 
Stained glass
The lantern from the Monitor.  It was the last thing to go down and the first thing to come up.
A cannon from the Monitor
This is the turret.  The entire trip was planned around this event.  When they brought the monitor out of the water it naturally had some salt water damage.  It had been sitting in a bath like that of the cannon but they drained it.  Cool right!?!?!?!
A glass blower/maker in Jamestown

Kittyhawk hill.  Sadly a few hundred feet away from its original position.
Bugs bunny has had it hard in recent years.

Yup they flew this very droped like a bronze statue

My dad decided to fly an airplane.  Somehow I don't think that's the way it's supposed to go.

Best seat in the...........outside world near the museum...oh whatever it's just a giant anchor.
The happy couple.  I notice dad remains faithful to good old Albuquerque
Up close and personal with a shark.  They seem to like it...or they know that a snack is in the water.  Oooooh so that's where her hand went.  Now I got it. 

Well that's it for Mom's great adventures.  In a few weeks she and dad are going to Maui for their 20th anniversary.  Woo Hoo!  Way to go you guys made it with five kids two of which are teenagers.  I think that deserves a trip to Hawaii.  When I can go to.  HA!
Also on Mom's resume: she was the primary president but isn't any more.  Now she is the ward canning speacialist.  Sadly that means early Saturday mornings once a month to go to the cannery.  Mom still works and Blue Sky Tours and is having soooo much fun playing with unreliable software and dealing with the incompetent youth who work there, some of them not so young. 
By the way, she didn't actually lose her hand.